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  • What’s the Status of North Carolina’s Minor’s Consent Law After S.L. 2023-106?

    This post is written by my colleague, Kirsten Leloudis, and is cross-posted on the School’s Coates Canons Blog.

    On August 16, 2023, Session Law (S.L.) 2023-106 was passed after a legislative override of the Governor’s veto. Part 1 of the session law establishes a “Parent’s Bill of Rights,” Part 2 outlines new requirements related to parents’ involvement in their child’s education, and Part 3- the focus of this blog post- codifies standards for obtaining parental consent for treatment of minors. Since the law’s passage, many have asked: “What’s the status of North Carolina’s minor’s consent law, G.S. 90-21.5(a), in light of the new requirements in S.L. 2023-106, Part 3 addressing parents’ rights?” Let’s discuss! Continue Reading

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