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  • Taking a Voluntary Dismissal: Some Pitfalls

    The “savings” provision of North Carolina Rule of Civil Procedure 41(a) can be a lifeline for a plaintiff who, for one reason or another, can’t proceed with its case the first time around. Rule 41(a)(1) allows a plaintiff to voluntarily dismiss its case without prejudice by giving notice of dismissal any time before it rests its case. Plaintiff may file the action again within one year, and the statute of limitations on its claim is extended for that refiling period. Rule 41(a)(1); North Carolina RR Co. v. Ferguson Build. Supp., Inc., 103 N.C. App. 768, 772–73 (1991). As generous as the savings provision is, it can be a tricky business. If done improperly or at the wrong time, a dismissal could doom a case rather than save it. Before giving notice of voluntary dismissal, heed the following reminders: Continue Reading

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