• A new civil defender educator at the SOG: Welcome, Tim Heinle

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    From School of Government faculty member John Rubin:

    I want to kick off 2020 by welcoming Tim Heinle to the School of Government. It is his first week on the job as our new Civil Defender Educator. Here he is in his new office at the School. You can reach him at 919.962.9594 or heinle@sog.unc.edu. Tim will assist defenders in the diverse and challenging practice areas that make up civil indigent defense in North Carolina, including abuse, neglect, and dependency cases, guardianship, and child support contempt proceedings.

    Tim brings a wealth of experience to the job, having practiced law in all of these areas, at both the trial and appellate levels, for the last ten years in Greenville, North Carolina. As Civil Defender Educator, Tim will develop trainings for indigent defense attorneys, write practice guides, and share his knowledge through teaching, consulting, and blogging.

    One of Tim’s first undertakings will be to put on a training program for attorneys representing respondents in child support contempt proceedings. It is scheduled for April 3, 2020 at the School of Government. Be on the lookout for the registration announcement.

    Please feel free to contact Tim with issues that you’re seeing, suggestions for legal resources that you would like for us to develop, or just well wishes. We are fortunate to have Tim join the School and devote his experience and talents to indigent defense education in North Carolina.

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